Are you a Wyoming rock collector?

The unique geology of Wyoming has created a wide variety of rocks you can find laying around; from petrified wood to iron pyrite (fool's gold) and quartz to jade.

Since I was in elementary school, I have been collecting Wyoming rocks. Several times, I was able to make a display of my treasures with them all glued onto a box lid with labels attached. It's a great learning tool for kids to find out what our Earth is made up of.

Here in Wyoming, geology is big business because the study of the rocks can determine where pockets of oil, minerals and other valuable materials may be hiding. Along with the pretty colored rocks, occasionally you will find an artifact from the past like an arrowhead.

If you are a serious Wyoming rock collector, you might be interested in some of these 'rocking' websites:

Each year, the Cheyenne Mineral, Fossil and Gem show is held at the Archer Complex off Interstate 80, east of Cheyenne, at Exit 370. This event offers a wide variety of activities and fun for the whole family.

What's the coolest Wyoming rock you've ever found?