I got Ducked!

In November 2020 I bought my first Jeep. I had always heard about the Jeep club/culture but never believed it was real especially since Wyoming tends to be late to current trends. Then I got Ducked!

Jeep Ducking is when a Jeep owner puts a rubber duck somewhere on a fellow Jeep owner's car. These rubber ducks tend to have a little note tied around them stating that “You have been Ducked. Life is an adventure! Enjoy the ride.”

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The creator of Ducking Jeeps, Allison Parliament, began ducking Jeeps in July of 2020 when she was driving back to her hometown in Canada from where she currently resides in Alabama. On her way to her hometown she was confronted by a man at a gas station in Canada telling her to go back to her own country and to not spread COVID-19. Once she arrived at her Canadian home town, Allison and her friend decided to go to the store.

Wanting to find something to make her feel happy after the gas station incident she decided it would be fun to play a joke on her friend. While wandering around the store she came across a bag of rubber ducks. Her plan was to hide them around her friends apartment.

When Allison was exiting the store she saw a Jeep, as a fellow Jeep owner she decided to put one of the rubber ducks on their Jeep to hopefully make them smile. As she was Ducking her first  Jeep the owner of the Jeep caught them in action. He was so excited and asked if they had a social media page that he could tag them in. That night the Official Ducking Jeeps page was created and within two days the page had over 4k followers.

Now with almost 50k Facebook followers all over the world other Jeep accounts have been created to help spread the Jeep love such as Jeep Girls Connect.

Jeep Girls Connect is a Facebook page where Jeep owners can connect through a pen-pal system with other Jeep owners allover the world. This Jeep family not only connects with other Jeep owners, but have also created special projects such as writing to Veterans/military, seniors, hospitalized children, first responders, and to those that just need a pick me up. They are also in the process of creating state chapters so they can do more work with in their communities.

With Wyoming having so many places where Jeeps can adventure I am excited to take mine out for its first adventure this summer. So, if you see a rubber Duck on your Jeep take a photo and help spread the Jeep love.

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