The Wyoming Senate on Thursday voted against a bill designed to protect LGBT people from job discrimination.

The vote on first reading of Senate File 153 was 17-13 against the bill. Senator James Anderson, (R-Casper), who was the lone vote against the bill in committee on Wednesday, said he was apprehensive about creating more "protected classes" under the law. Anderson said New York City currently recognizes 31 different gender identities as being protected from discrimination.

Anderson said that shows how the list of protected classes "grows and grows."

But Cheyenne Republican Senator Stephan Pappas said in his business dealings he often gets feedback "that we are not an inclusive state." Pappas said "We need to live up to our slogan" as the equality state. "We need not to discriminate against anyone," Pappas added.

The vote against the bill on first reading means the bill is indefinitely postponed.

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