If you have multiple siblings, you have probably heard the stereotype about the “middle” child. For those of you who haven’t here it is. The middle child is often the forgotten child. The oldest is always getting in trouble, and the youngest gets the most attention, leaving the middle child to do whatever they can to get some sort of recognition from their parents. Wyoming, we are forgotten. 

It’s worse, not only are we forgotten, but our very existence is refused by the rest of the country. There are countless forums spreading from Facebook and twitter to reddit and 4chan dedicated to disproving our existence.  

Now obviously most of these posts are satirical or just not meant to be taken seriously. We should be grateful to possess the ignorance of our fellow states. We as a state can have nice things because we are not being constantly berated by out-of-towners. Now we do get our surprise visitors from other states, but they are few and far between, and most of them indoctrinate themselves to our Wyoming way of life. Because of our much-treasured privacy we get to enjoy things like... 

Things Like This

Let’s not fight for America’s attention and enjoy these and many other treasures we have.  

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