Sometimes, you find the answers you're looking for by accident.

Sunday evening, I settled down on my couch, popcorn in my bowl, a comfy blanket spread across myself and my two dogs, ready to watch an emotional season finale of 1883, when I discovered something that I wasn't expecting to find. A trailer for the Spectrum Original and Wyoming-based series, Joe Pickett, popped up on my TV.

What? Joe Pickett Is Going To Stream Soon?

Yeah, I mean we all knew it was coming, they mentioned it when they announced season 2 was on the books for the show based off, well, books. It's apparently one of the biggest series that Spectrum has had. It's also produced by Paramount. So, if you look at 1883 and a preview of Joe Pickett, you can start to connect the dots that Joe Pickett will start streaming on Paramount+.

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When Will Joe Pickett Stream On Paramount+?

Ah, that's what we're looking for, right? Well, our favorite Wyoming Game Warden is set to hit Paramount+ on May 15th.

I know, that's two and a half months away from now. But, we didn't know that we were going to get to stream it so soon, anyway. They were being very ambiguous about when the series would arrive in streaming form, anyways. Before it was announced it would be on Paramount+, I figured it'd be a year and end up on Netlfix, similar to the Manhunt series that Spectrum produces(those are fantastic if you love true crime, one is on the Unabomber, the other on the Olympic Park Bombing).

I'm really looking forward to catching Joe Pickett on Paramount+ since I'm not a regular cable subscriber. I'll have my popcorn and comfy blanket ready.

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