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As someone who grew up in a small town, I can honestly say there is nothing as charming as a quaint little town. As much as I was ready to move on after my time there, I still have fond memories of that 1,200-person place. And I plan on visiting again soon.

And despite its size, my hometown did bring in some tourists. Many came in anytime it snowed. The city folk would pull off on the shoulder of the highway and build their snowmen. There were also events and festivals that would draw a crowd to our one-stop-sign town.

We have several town like this across Wyoming.

In fact, one has made the landed on a list of the Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA. US News crafted the list for 2021 and placed Jackson Hole, Wyoming in their top five.

Here's the list beginning with number five:

5. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Arizona Scenics
Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

4. Lake Tahoe, California

Travel Destination: Western USA
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Streets of Jackson Hole with ski slopes at background
WitGorski, ThinkStock Images

2. Telluride, Colorado

28th Telluride Film Festival Attracts Thousands
David McNew, Getty Images

1. Bar Harbor, Maine

Luxury yachts docked in sea port at sunset.
goncharovaia, ThinkStock Images

With the year that we went through last year, I think it's safe to say that people are ready to get out and enjoy themselves again. People want to travel.

Before summer began, Trip Advisor reported some travel numbers from a survey they conducted. The results were right in line with what many of us were thinking entering the hotter months. The number of people planning to travel would increase.

63 percent of Americans made plans to take a trip during these summer months.

After seeing the crowds at the airport over the Fourth of July weekend, I'd say even more people are getting out than originally estimated.

In fact, Forbes reported that air travel returned to pre-pandemic levels and Independence Day was a major contributor to that. TSA reported that over 10 million Americans passed through security checkpoints between July 1 and July 5. That's up 200 percent from 2020.

In addition to the small towns list, US News also created lists for historical cities, US destinations, world destinations and more. If you're looking for a big adventure, maybe you pick something from the World's Best Places to Visit list.

Here are their top 10:

10. Glacier National Park

kanonsky, ThinkStock Images

9. Tokyo

Coronavirus Cases Continue To Fluctuate In Tokyo
Carl Court, Getty Images

8. Phuket

Thai Economy Is Battered By Continued Rise In Covid Cases
Sirachai Arunrugstichai, Getty Images

7. Rome

Italy Closes Schools Nationwide In Effort To Contain COVID-19
Marco Di Lauro, Getty Images

6. London

Big Ben Set To Be Silenced For Four Years
Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

5. Tahiti

The Billabong Pro
Staff, Getty Images

4. Maui

Waianapapa State Park, Maui
ShaneMyersPhoto, ThinkStock Images

3. Bora Bora

Goodshoot, ThinkStock Images

2. Paris

vichie81, ThinkStock Images

1. South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand Scenic. Snow Covered Mountains Form A
Ross Land, Getty Images

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