Owl Creek, Wyo. is a tiny town outside Thermopolis, population 5. 160 years ago, it was inhabited by 56 settlers, who some believe turned into zombies.

Those 56 settlers, known as the Knudsen Party, went missing in the mountains near Owl Creek in 1847. A year later, another party traveling through the area made a gruesome discovery, finding their camp and the remains of 45 bodies.

The next discovery was even more shocking. According to a survivor, one member of the group had become "infected" and turned on the others. The outbreak spread as they traveled through the wilderness.

The few healthy members of the party set out in search of those who had fled. Among them was a teenager named Elijah Black. Years later, his biography detailed the unpleasant duty of shooting his own grandfather, who had been bitten during the attack. Black then tracked down the remaining members of the Knudsen Party one by one, eventually disposing of at least nine so-called 'zombies'.

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