This summer, thousands of cool kids packed up their selfie sticks and headed to Yellowstone National Park on a quest for the perfect picture with an 8'2" tall, 15' wide, 3,500 pound beast with sharp horns capable of impaling them.

Five gorings later and now there's a public outcry over the #bisonselfie trend.


So here's a Yellowstone travel tip for tourists. If you're looking for that perfect #bisonselfie, but you don't want to get airlifted to the nearest hospital, 25 yards is the ideal distance to keep. If you're a slow runner, give yourself a few extra yards.

Should you encounter a bear during your visit, you'll want to remain at least 50 yards away when taking your #bearselfie. Double that if you're posing with a mother bear and her cubs.

Of course, during your stay, you'll also want to get a #mooseselfie. Remember, as you approach the moose, do so slowly and from the side.

If you see the moose licking its snout or cocking its head, get the hell out of there. But whatever you do, don't run. Then, the massive mammal might be tempted to chase you. And even if you did get away, you'd still be out of #seflierange. Instead, announce your presence and slowly back up in the direction you came.

Good luck. We totally can't wait to see those pictures from your next Yellowstone trip.



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