Like an artist dropping a brand new album, Wyoming Whiskey is releasing their latest Single Barrel Bourbon. The exclusive release is happening. However, last year, the company sold out of its Single Barrel Bourbon during the month of November so be sure to get yours while you can.

According to 'The Whiskey Wash', Wyoming Whiskey's Single Barrel Bourbon represents the top 1 percent of bourbon barrels sampled each year by the makers of Wyoming Whiskey. The co-founder of the company, David DeFazio, said in a statement:

Once in a hundred barrels, or so, something very special presents itself...These barrels are selected for their exceptional aromatic profiles, complex flavor, maturity, and overall balance.

DeFazio also mentioned that the grains are grown in the Bighorn Basin and likens the whiskey to what the West is made up of citing the 'intense elements, severe temperatures, and the rich history of Western pioneers.'

Those extreme temperatures are said to be a representative of what happens in the Absaroka and Bighorn Mountains as the Single Barrel Bourbon matures. The extreme temperatures for what the bourbon goes through can get as high as 135 degrees in the summer, while dropping to around as low as 5 degrees during the coldest conditions of the winter months. The summer temperatures in the warehouse can also vary 20 to 30 degrees as they work to facilitate more whiskey and wood interaction.

The barrel is aged five years in char #4 oak barrels at minimum at 96 proof. Approximately 220 bottles come from each barrel and because of the immaculate process, no two barrels will ever be alike when it comes to flavor.

There are 12 U.S. markets selling Wyoming Whiskey's Singe Barrel Bourbon, including both Wyoming and Colorado, so we're certainly never far from it.

The Tasting Notes listed on Wyoming Whiskey's site are as follows:

  • Color: deep copper to mahogany
  • Nose: browned butter, Cola, black currant and dried dates,
  • Palate: Cola, dark chocolate, buttered pastry, dried date and fig, raisin and orange citrus.
  • Mouthfeel: full and rich, chewy, spicy, creamy with nuts.
  • Finish: long finish; dry, but with lingering impressions of butter crème, candied orange peel, and dark dried fruit.

As the fall into winter weather months are upon us, you couldn't ask for a better time for a good whiskey. Drink responsibly, Wyoming!

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