If you're a collector of fine whiskey bottles or different whiskeys in general, the good news is Wyoming Whiskey has a special bottle release for national parks. This particular bottle is dedicated to a park near and dear to our hearts, Yellowstone National Park. The bottle is called National Parks No. 2 and the sales of this whiskey will benefit Yellowstone Forever.

The bottle itself is really cool looking, it has a painted artwork, showing Yellowstone's wilderness. A Perfect addition for the whiskey collector.

I've not tried this particular 5-year bottle from Wyoming Whiskey, but they make exceptional whiskey, so I already know that this will be a home run. Wyoming Whiskey is made in Kirby, Wyoming, which sits on a river. There's limestone in the water, so their whiskey tastes closer to what you get from Kentucky when you take a sip.

According to their press release, last year the company donated $120,000 to Yellowstone Forever and they plan to pledge $150,000 this year. I'm not sure if you're seeing the trend, $150,000, and it's the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park this year? I like what they did there.

The bottle has been released in Yellowstone and around the state in Wyoming. I would suggest that if you see it somewhere, you should probably grab it. I doubt these bottles will last very long. The press release was dated on Monday, so I'm guessing that was when they released the bottles. So that's a rough timeline as to how far behind we are on snagging a bottle.

Now, let's take a look at that bottle.

Verde Brand Communications
Verde Brand Communications

That's a nice-looking bottle. I need this for my collection.

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