For thousands of years cornbread has been a staple on tables all over the United States. The bread made from corn meal, sugar, eggs and butter began it's popularity with the Native Americans and became popular with the first settlers in America.

When I was a kid, it was a treat to have a meal where cornbread was served. Both sides of my family were big fans of having cornbread with certain meals like ham n beans, chili, fried potatoes, collard greens, black eyed peas and fried catfish.

Growing up, I heard story after story from my grandpa about my great grandma always having cornbread on the stove and would pack it in their lunch to eat at school. My grandma always said that they didn't have money for a lot of things, but they always had the ingredients to make cornbread.

Being that it's such a family staple, it was served quite a bit. We had is so much that it wasn't a big deal. For me now though, I rarely have it and just like most good childhood memories cornbread has a special meaning. One thing I truly regret is not having my grandma's recipe on hand so I can make it any time.

Everyone has their favorite way to prepare cornbread, has their own family recipe and even their favorite cornbread pan. Not many people will question the way you prepare it, BUT folks get really territorial when it comes to HOW you eat it.

My go to when we had ham n beans, was crumble it up in the bowl with the H&B's. When I was a kid and having a snack with my grandpa, it was always with butter and Karo corn Syrup. As an adult, it's butter and maple syrup.

When I asked the question, the top answer was Honey and Butter.

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