What an amazing video and heroic story as 13 elk were rescued from freezing Wyoming waters.

According to EastIdahoNews.com, Dusty Jones was on his way to work in Jackson, Wyo on December 29th, 2017 when he spotted a small herd of elk that had broken through the ice and couldn't get out.

The elk had fallen through the ice of the Palisades Reservoir, and Dusty along with  three others already at the scene had to work fast!

With tools in hand rescuers began cutting a little path for the animals to be directed back toward shore with hopes the animals could walk out on their own.  But after being in the frigid water for an extended period of time the elk were lethargic and couldn't manage their way out.

That is when the growing group of good Samaritans started grabbing them and trying to help pull them out of the freezing water.

Helpers worked for over an hour with Wyoming Game & Fish officers and Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies using ropes, crowbars, tow straps, and other tools to save the animals.

Slowly but surely, each of the 13 elk was pulled to safety and according to the story - all 13 of the elk survived!

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