The classic American cheeseburger is still king of the hill, but tacos are great too. Americans ate 4.5 Billion tacos last year. Perhaps the perfect food, they can be made of beef, chicken, pork, or other protein if you’re creative.

There are many varieties but who makes the best tacos?

Thrillist has their choices for the best tacos in each state and in their opinion, Wyoming’s best tacos are at San Juan Restaurant in Jackson. They like the “tacos suizo, with a bit of rosemary to traditional pork, or the fantastic grilled shrimp tacos, which come in a pair topped with guac and jalapeños.”

You can get 3 Tacos al pasto for $10, which is amazing for the Lear Jet set of Jackson.

Not wanting to drive the 7 hours to Jackson, who, in your opinion, has the best tacos in Cheyenne?

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