I always thought my job as a radio guy was one of the coolest ever, but there was a time when I met a couple of petroleum industry guys who told me they would fly out of Jackson Hole in a Bell Jet Ranger in the morning, set off some explosives, take seismic readings and then fly back to Jackson. I have to admit, to this day, I am still impressed and maybe a bit envious of that gig.

While they won't be cruising the Tetons this time, Wyoming Game & Fish wildlife officials will be using helicopters in their research of big game in southeast Wyoming over the next few weeks. While focusing on various areas between Saratoga and Wheatland, they will also use a chopper to relocate a wayward moose in The Snowy Range with researchers from The University Of Wyoming.

I doubt that the moose will appreciate the helicopter ride as much as I would. Maybe there’s a way I could switch…… oh, never mind.

Can you think of a job here in Wyoming that has more of a cool factor?

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