While every state has police, teachers, and medical workers, “Every state also has a uniquely large share of people working in a certain profession,” or most iconic job.

24/7 Wall St., Thrillist, and Howmuch crunched data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found:


Most iconic job: Wellhead pumpers
Employed in job statewide: 550
Median salary: $58,670
Share of all U.S. wellhead pumpers in Wyoming: 4.7%


Checking our Wyoming neighbors, we find the most iconic job in each.

Colorado: Atmospheric and space scientists,

Idaho: Forest and conservation technicians

Kansas: Metal and plastic layout workers

Montana: Forest and conservation technicians

Nebraska: Meat, poultry, and fish cutters and trimmers

Utah: Forest and conservation technicians

South Dakota: Forest and conservation workers for just $23,820 (on the low end for salary)


Others on the low end of the pay scale include:

Missouri’s Most iconic job: Locker room, coatroom, and dressing room attendants with a median salary of just $18,850.

New Jersey: Shampooers for just $21,960.

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