If you're not a millennial, it might be hard to fathom a world in which there are studies done to decide which silly face is texted the most.

But, this is 2017 and emoji's are wildly popular. Business Insider recently did a survey in which they decided what emoji's were most popular in all 50 states.

According to the survey, the "crying laughing" emoji is Wyoming's favorite.


Which, I guess is probably a good sign that Wyomingites are laughing so hard they're crying. In fact, the crying laughing emoji is the most popular in most U.S. states, followed closely by "emoji with heart eyes."

Despite that being Wyoming's most popular, according to the article overall Wyoming uses more "angry" emoji's than most states. The Cowboy State uses more "drug" emoji's than most states, and it's favorite drinking emoji is the martini glass. On the sporty side of things, our state also uses a lot of football emoji's.


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