Mother's Day is just over a week away (Sunday, May 9th so don't forget) and for starters, one great gift for any mom would be to spoil them with a nice brunch. So what is the favorite Mother's Day brunch food in Wyoming?

Our friends over at Zippia researched Google trends to find out what moms all over the U.S. want as their ideal brunch food on their celebrated day. In Wyoming, we are in a league of our own as we were the only state where moms overwhelmingly favor 'Biscuits & Gravy' more than any other brunch food. There is definitely nothing wrong with going for some B&G. That's good stuff, moms! Good call!

As for the most popular type of brunch food that moms want on Mother's Day, they like to have the meats. And no, that doesn't mean to take your mom to Arby's for brunch. You can definitely class it up quite a bit more than that. No offense, Arby's. But in 21 states, a type of meat was chosen as mom's favorite brunch food on Mother's Day. Sausage was the most popular brunch meat as a favorite of 13 states while Bacon followed as being the favorite in eight states.

Pancakes were the favorite of five states. Waffles by themselves were only the favorites of one state (New Hampshire), but Chicken & Waffles were the favorite picked by four states. Another popular favorite brunch food was none other than...Alcohol! Five states picked alcoholic brunch drinks as their top choice, four of them were Bloody Mary fans, while one chose Mimosas. Two of those states border us to the north and northwest as Montana was the lone state to favor Mimosas and Idaho likes their Bloody Marys for brunch on Mother's Day. To view the full map of what every state picked, you can check that out here.

As for the day itself, Mother's Day is going to be here faster than you realize so spoil your mom as much as possible with a nice brunch among other gifts you can shower them with because all moms are awesome!

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