What tastes better after a night of drinking, tacos or burgers? According to a new survey, drunk people in Wyoming love McDonald's.

Rehabs polled nearly 6,000 party animals across the country about their favorite drunk dining options. Wyoming was one of 15 states that preferred eating under the influence at Mickey D's. Taco Bell was the top spot for tipsy diners in 38 states. Drunks in the five southern states chose Waffle House.

Nationwide, nearly 41% of respondents said Taco Bell was their preferred destination for post-party munchies. McDonald's took second place, followed by Waffle House, Denny's, IHOP, and Wendy's.

One reason why Wyoming drinkers may prefer McDonald's over Taco Bell is because we have more of them. There are currently 25 McDonald's franchises across the state, compared to 12 Taco Bell restaurants.

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