Cheers, Wyoming. Most drinkers in the Cowboy State can handle their booze, according to a new survey comparing alcohol tolerance around the country. estimates the average Wyoming resident starts feeling drunk after 3.46 beers, slightly above the national average of 3.45 drinks. Arizona has the highest average tolerance in the country at 4.04 beers. Hawaii residents feel drunk the quickest, after 2.71 drinks.

The survey also calculated the percentage of "lightweights" in each state. In Wyoming, 26 percent of respondents reported feeling drunk or buzzed after one beer, above the national average of 21.2 percent. Montana has the highest rate of one-drink drunks, just over 38 percent. Maine has the lowest percentage of lightweights at 11.5.

Around the region, Utah drinkers have the highest tolerance, 3.84 beers on average, followed by South Dakota (3.75), Colorado (3.7), Wyoming (3.46), Nebraska (3.26), Montana (2.92), and Idaho (2.75).

After Montana, Idaho has the highest ratio of lightweight drinkers in the region (32.7), followed by Wyoming (26), Nebraska (26), South Dakota (17.6), Utah (17.6), and Colorado (12).


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