When it comes to scary movies, Wyoming loves vampires. Count Dracula is the most popular horror film villain in the Cowboy State, according to a new web study.

Wyoming is one of three states where Dracula was the most commonly searched big-screen bad guy. Norman Bates claimed to the top spot in 13 states, followed by Chucky (11 states), Frankenstein (six states) and Alien (five states).

Jack Torrance from The Shining was the most popular character in Colorado. The theatrical version of Stephen King's classic novel was filmed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

Another infamous Stephen King character, Pennywise the clown, was Nebraska's favorite on-screen antagonist. Pinhead was the most commonly searched antihero in South Dakota. Other classic horror villains in the study include Michael Myers, Hannibal Lector, Jason Vorhees, and Freddie Krueger.


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