Every day is Halloween for Teenage Bottlerocket. The Laramie pop-punk legends have several spooky anthems in their catalog. In the song "Haunted House", singer Kody Templeman recounts a harrowing experience from his youth.

"Almost twenty years ago, went someplace you shouldn't go. In a house up on a hill, on a dare and for a thrill," Templeton sang. "Things start floating 'round the room.  This ain't no house, more like a tomb. Being here ain't very nice, keep thinking we’ll see Vincent Price."

Prior to forming Teenage Bottlerocket, Templeton co-founded The Lillingtons with classmates in his hometown of Newcastle, Wyo. They released several albums and earned a national following in the late-90s.

In 2000, Templeton met twin brothers Ray and Brandon Carlisle in Laramie and joined Teenage Bottlerocket. To date, they have released seven full-length studio albums and six EPs. Tragically, drummer Brandon Carlisle died suddenly in 2015. The band soldiered on with new drummer Darren Chewka and continues to tour around the world.

Along with "Haunted House", other staples from their live show include 2012's  "Punk House of Horror" and their sadistic 2005 song "Bloodbath at Burger King".



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