Our favorite candy lets us kill two birds with one stone.

Another holiday filled with sweet treats is rapidly approaching. Valentine's Day is a chance for us to show someone how much we love them, but also indulge in foods that maybe aren't on the menu regularly. I'm talking decadent steaks, decadent wine, and rich chocolate. Of course, candy is also a big part of this day of love.

Which is your favorite?

I'm a choco-holic and will very seldom refuse it's velvety-smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, culinary serenade. There are also other sugary morsels to enjoy on this fine holiday, like conversation hearts. Although those were number two on Wyoming's list, chocolate is still king in the Cowboy State.

CandyStore.com recently published a map of all of the favorite Valentine's Day candies broken down by state. For us in Wyoming, it's all about the chocolate roses. How genius are these? Everyone wants chocolate and roses for this day of love and with these we've got both. It's a beautiful bouquet you can actually eat.

Do you agree with the Candy Store's map?

Source: CandyStore.com.

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