UPDATE TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE: We had a listener provide the location of this cave, however we had many request that we not share the location for everyone to see. If you would like to send us a chat message through our app, we'll decide on a case-by-case basis who we share it with. Thanks for everyone that has reached out already.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: I've just added an item to my bucket list and I'm sharing because I think you might want to consider it, too. It's swimming in a Wyoming geothermal underground cave. Let's dive in.

This video came up in my news feed and immediately I had to know more. It's from YouTube channel Untold Road.

Here's how they described this adventure:

After hours of researching, my wife found this incredible swimming hole in Wyoming. After a 4WD journey, we had a short hike to this spot. We climbed down into the hole and enjoyed some late afternoon swimming in the crystal clear water. The water is heated by geothermal activity, so it's not as cold as one would think.

There's one very big problem. I have no idea where this underground swimming cave is located. I've asked the group on YouTube, but their response didn't help:

I slipped on the way out & hit my head - I believe my head injury caused me to forget the location

So, they're obviously not telling.

The entrance to the cave in their video looks like Wyoming's Natural Trap Cave, but this one has that warm water and Natural Trap doesn't. Bummer.

I've gone through all of the official maps of Wyoming caves, but nada. I suspect it's somewhere near the Bighorns, but that's just me guessing. Is this somewhere in Sinks Canyon I haven't been? So many questions.

Can you help? If you know of this underground geothermal Wyoming cave, lemme know. Me and my bucket list will owe you big time. I will update this story if the YouTubers that went there spill the beans.

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