Wyoming is full of special places. If you've been here or live here, you know this already. One of those places is a secret underground geothermal cave and you shared pics and video to prove it is real.

Huge thanks to Shannan Morris and Zach Heidrich who messaged us when we first shared the story of Wyoming's Geothermal Underground Cave. We kept the location secret and only disclosed it on a case-by-case basis to those who promised they would respect the area and not do anything to modify or harm it. Shannan and Zach were one of those few. They followed through on their promise to visit and protect and just shared their own amazing photos and videos.

Wyoming's Underground Geothermal Cave is Real and You Proved It

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Shannan and Zach also captured some video. Make sure your sound is turned up to hear that water.

Thanks again to Shannan and Zach and all that cherish these special natural parts of Wyoming and fight to preserve them for future generations. We appreciate you.

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