A new study reveals what each state is searching for the most when it comes to health issues, and Wyoming's isn't pretty at all.

According to research from HighSpeedInternet.com and Medicare Health Plans Wyoming's most "Google'd" health problem is....


Told you it wasn't pretty...

It could be a lot worse though, Montana's most searched for was alcoholism, North Dakota has an insomnia problem, Coloradan's have asthma, and Utah residents search for Diabetes the most.

Probably the most difficult to see is Delaware, who searched for breast cancer the most. Delaware actually has the highest breast cancer rate in the U.S.

Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Washington DC all searched for facts about STDs, while North Carolina and Alabama were most worried about "itching."

Wyoming also topped the list for states that search the most health related issues, along with New Hampshire. Nevada and Oregon had a more lax take on health problems, searching for them the least.

HighSpeedInternet.com, Medicare Health Plus, Google

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