If we checked your browser history right now, what would be the most embarrassing thing we'd find?? 

Don't worry, we're not going to sent the Russians into your computer to take a peak.  But, HighSpeedInternet.com just revealed the most embarrassing online guilty pleasures for each state.

Their results, although subjective, show that people in Florida and Nevada search for Sugar Daddy sites more than any other.  While people in Texas and Kansas spend most of their time online searching for XXX content.

The oddest of the searches, besides our own, are pretty dull in comparison.  Oregon, Maryland and Delaware spend most of their time searching for Online Investing sites.  Like we used to say in school - Way to Throw Off the Curve Einstein!

Wyoming however joins our neighbors Idaho, Montana and North Dakota with a guilty pleasure of searching for Cat Videos.  Wait, what??  Seriously?  Am I missing out on something?  Honestly, I can say that I've ever searched for any type of cat videos and now I wonder if I'm missing out on something??

Checkout the list and find out what each state's guilty pleasure is online.  Enjoy!  Time for me to see what's up with these tempting cat videos.

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