Wyoming insiders know the beauty and wonders of our state, but some outsiders have weighed in on the treasures hidden in plain sight for all 50 states.

The folks at Thrillist have designated Cody as Wyoming’s most underrated city, calling it a perfect tourist town. Noting Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel is charming and historic. They liked the Buffalo Bill Cody museum (1 of 5) and even the goofy stuff like gunfight reenactments.

They note the cowboy-friendly Cassie’s, “Wyoming’s Premier Steakhouse,” and the local’s favorite” Pat O’Hara Brewing Pub & Grill.

My favorite part of the review of Cody, Wyoming is the author’s comment:

“People in Cody are super friendly. Maybe it’s the air. Or the fact that Cody, for a certain breed of outdoors enthusiasts, might be heaven on earth, only with gunslingers instead of angels.”

Since tourism is such a big part of the Wyoming economy, let's hope this good word gets out!

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