32 miles east of Wheatland, near the Guernsey Reservoir off of State Highway 26, lies the tiny town of Hartville, population 62, the oldest incorporated town in Wyoming.

While its days as a mining boom town in the late 19th century are long gone, there is still one local business that's thriving. Miner's and Stockmen's Steakhouse and Spirits was established in 1862, proudly holding the title as Wyoming's oldest bar.

Once a hideout for outlaws, bank robbers and cattle rustlers, it's one of the last remaining remnants of the Old Fort Laramie trading post and copper mine that made the nearby town of Sunrise among the most prosperous in the west.

Photo Courtesy of Miners and Stockman's Steakhouse Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy of Miners and Stockman's Steakhouse Facebook Page

Legend has it, during prohibition, locals would gather downstairs in what it now a storage facility. And while the proprietors haven't met any ghosts yet, several guests have reported hearing the sound of a piano coming from the old back room bar and flickering lights throughout the building.

In addition to its rich history and rustic decor, Miner's and Stockmen's serves dinner every Thursday through Sunday and boasts over 35 varieties of whiskey, along with an extensive wine list and a large outdoor patio.

If you're ever looking for a true taste of old west history, make the drive to Hartville and have a drink at Wyoming's oldest bar.


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