For 160 Million years, dinosaurs ruled the earth. Wyoming is rich with dig sites and collections of fossils and physical reminders of what once was the subtropical home of strange creatures great and small.


You and the kids can see a very interesting show that has been 65 Million years in the making,

Australian theater company Erth's Dinosaur Zoo Live at the Cheyenne Civic Center, will showcase Australian pre-historic times reminiscent of Wyoming’s past that will thrill kids and adults.


Showtime: Friday, November 3 at 6:30 pm. Tickets $17.50 - $27.50.


Designed by professional paleontologists, amazingly lifelike dinosaurs brought to life on stage by skilled performers and puppeteers. While some jobs are cooler than others, this is an incredible amount of work. Seeing how they put this show together is almost as much fun as the show itself. Almost..


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