The Quebec 01 Missile Alert Facility, north of Cheyenne, is about to become a State of Wyoming Historic Site this summer and your help is needed in designing a new logo.

“The logo is part of an overall branding strategy that highlights the uniqueness of each state park and historic site by including a symbol or landmark that is representative of the site. In the case of Quebec 01, the capsule blast door artwork of the Jolly Roger was chosen as the symbol. Whether or not the logo design includes missiles will be up to the public.”

Superintendent Christina Bird

F.E. Warren Air Force Base was the only base in the world that deployed Peacekeeper missiles, known as the most advanced and destructive Intercontinental Ballistic Missile System ever built by the United States.

Decommissioned to meet limits on warheads, the last Peacekeeper and the 400th Missile Squadron was deactivated in 2005.

Wyoming State Parks has updates at and Facebook.

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