Denver International Airport is looking for your help in choosing their next public address announcers.

One male and one female ultimately will be selected to make airport announcements and help guide you on your journey to the proper gate next time you fly.

D.I.A. announced the opportunity in late 2017. Since then, hundreds of applicants have tried their luck. The stipulation that ruled most people out, was that the airport was only looking for well-known Denver media members.

The hundreds of applications have been narrowed down to just ten. Five men, and five women.

Of the five female voices, four of them are local television personalities including both Kathy Sabin 9 News. Anne Trujillo from Denver7 and Kathy Walsh from CBS 4. The only female voice that is not on TV, is radio personality Denise Plante from Denver's KOSI 101.

Male voices include the man who is currently the voice of Denver International Aiport, professional voice over artist, Alan Roach.Altitude Sports Radio host Vic Lombardi is in the running along with 9 News anchor Gary Shaprio, Jeremy Hubbard from Fox31, and and Mike Nelson from Denver7.

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