People are making money across this country as professional "cuddlists," and it's exactly what you think. They get paid to cuddle with customers, and there are a few of them in our region.

According to the website, there are two register cuddlers in Colorado.

Julia, charges $80 for an hour of cuddling, plus travel fees. She's also a poet and practices psychotherapy.

Kassandra also charges $80/hour and describes herself as "a lover of life" and a "student of touch."

If you're up for a cuddle and a chat, Utah may be your best option. Their professional cuddler's name is Mary and she loves having a "real conversation." She practices Buddhist philosophies and really enjoys being barefoot.

As of February, there are no professional cuddlers in Wyoming. Maybe a job opportunity for one of you? $80 an hour might make you reconsider...


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