What are you having for 'Your Easter Sunday Brunch'?

We have some 'Egg' citing treats for your holiday enjoyment, everything from a psychedelic band's take on Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' to a classic from Dr Demento.

I'm Grateful Mike inviting you to join me from seven until ten a.m. for 'Your Easter Sunday Brunch' on 101.9 KING FM.

Turn the page for a look at the menu.

                                                                             'Your Easter Sunday Brunch' Menu


Appetizers: 'White Rabbit'-Jefferson Airplane

                             'The Rising'-Bruce Springsteen


Main Course: 'Brain Damage/Eclipse'-Pink Floyd (off the 'Dark Side of the Moon' album)

                                 [Dead Floyd will perform the 'Dark Side of the Moon' to 'Wizard of Oz' at The Aggie Theatre in Ft Collins April 13]

                                 'Soul Meets Body'-Death Cab for Cutie


Second Course: Celebrating Birthdays of Steve Howe (65) of Yes with 'Roundabout'

                                      Izzy Stadlin (50) from Guns N' Roses with 'Patience'

                                      Mel Schacher (61) bassist for Grand Funk Railroad with 'I'm Your Captain/'Closer to Home'


Dessert: 'Eat It'-Weird Al Yankovic