Imagine rolling up to a crowded Wyoming campground this summer in a beast like this. Mothers would pull their young children closer. Fathers would stare in wonder. People would likely give you plenty of space. At a minimum, you would certainly be the topic of discussion around the campfires that evening, as neighboring campers try to figure out what kind of madman rolls in a rig like this.

Credit: Ebay Motors

Technically not an RV (yet!), this 1970 Kaiser Jeep box truck featured pop-out sides long before they became commonplace on modern campers and is currently listed on Ebay Motors for $20,000. Located in Rawlins, WY the "XM820 5 TON EXPANSIBLE VAN BODY TRUCK 6X6 M32" has just 23,902 miles on the odometer.

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The picture below reveals a blank canvas in the box of the truck, should you choose to retrofit the unit with a bed, camp kitchen, or whatever other amenities you desire to complete your Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse camper.

Credit: Ebay Motors

The seller states that the vehicle runs great and starts right up on the first crank. The 6-wheel-drive truck underwent a "post-Desert Storm complete Army rebuild" and the Cummins 250 diesel engine has just 419 hours on it. The cab interior is no-frills.

Credit: Ebay Motors

The beast comes with a 250,000 BTU A/C unit, new batteries, and four extra spare tires. I have no idea if $20K is a good deal or not and I'm sure a project vehicle like this could easily turn into a huge money pit. My fascination, however, is undeterred. I mean, lots of people have turned old-school busses into campers. This is approximately 100X more awesome. See a couple more pictures and the listing HERE.

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