Indiana Pastor Paul Begley apparently isn't real familiar with weather in Wyoming.

The Pastor has a huge YouTube following of over 200,000 subscribers and nearly 150 million total views.

His latest web rant focused on Wyoming's weather this week, calling it "apocalyptic" and asking "are you serious?"

Begley first noted the heavy snow fall in two Wyoming ski areas, Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee, explaining both have exceeded the average amount and are just over 100 inches each for the season. This number is higher than average, but not unheard of for Teton County.

Wind gusts on I-25 also shut down some truck travel prior to Thanksgiving, and Paul noted that "the wind over near Cheyenne has tipped over 9 semi trailers." While this is not unusual at all for Wyoming interstates, Begley said it "created chaos on the highway, it's insanity."

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