ZZ Top are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a new 50-song compilation release. Goin’ 50 spans the legendary career of the “little ol' band from Texas," featuring material from throughout the group’s existence.

Formed in 1969, ZZ Top developed a worldwide fan base on the strength of their bluesy, guitar driven sound. The Goin 50 retrospective includes an assortment of music from each of the band’s 15 studio albums. In addition, two bonus tracks from the group’s earliest days -- "Salt Lick" and "Miller's Farm" -- will be included in the release. The songs were recorded with ZZ Top's original incarnation, before bassist Lanier Greig and drummer Dan Mitchell were replaced by Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, respectively.

Goin’ 50 will be available as a 3-CD or 5-LP set. This will mark the first time several tracks have been made available on vinyl, including material culled from the band’s Rhythmeen, XXX and Mescalaro albums. The sets will be released Aug. 16. A single-CD version of Goin’ 50, with 18 tracks as well as digital and streaming versions, will also be available on June 14.

You can see the track listings below.

The new retrospective releases are just the latest celebrations of ZZ Top’s 50th anniversary. The band began its year with a January residency in sin city, appropriately called Viva Las Vegas. A lengthy tour across the U.S. will kick off in August, taking the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers to more than 30 stops nationwide.

"It’s been five decades, and I think we’re starting to get pretty good at all this!" Billy Gibbons proclaimed in a press release announcing the tour. "We’re truly excited to be appearing across the continent this summer and fall, playing our bluesy kind of rock like we started in ’69. The beards, Frank's excepted, are perhaps a bit longer, yet nothing else has changed. We're keeping it that way.”

ZZ Top, 'Goin' 50' Track Listing
Disc One
01. "La Grange"
02. "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers"
03. "Tush"
04. "Salt Lick"
05. "Miller's Farm"
06. "(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree"
07. "Francine"
08. "Heard It On The X"
09. "It's Only Love"
10. "Arrested For Driving While Blind"
11. "Enjoy And Get It On"
12. "I Thank You"
13. "Cheap Sunglasses"
14. "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide"
15. "Leila"
16. "Tube Snake Boogie"
17. "Pearl Necklace"

Disc Two
01. "Gimme All Your Lovin'"
02. "Got Me Under Pressure"
03. "Sharp Dressed Man"
04. "TV Dinners"
05. "Legs"
06. "Sleeping Bag"
07. "Can't Stop Rockin'"
08. "Stages"
09. "Rough Boy"
10. "Delirious"
11. "Woke Up With Wood"
12. "Velcro Fly"
13. "Doubleback"
14. "Concrete And Steel"
15. "My Head's In Mississippi"
16. "Give It Up"
17. "Decision Or Collision"

Disc Three
01. "Viva Las Vegas"
02. "Gun Love"
03. "Pincushion"
04. "Breakaway"
05. "Girl In A T-Shirt"
06. "Fuzzbox Voodoo"
07. "She's Just Killing Me"
08. "What's Up With That"
09. "Bang Bang"
10. "Rhythmeen"
11. "Fearless Boogie"
12. "36-22-36"
13. "Piece"
14. "I Gotsta Get Paid"
15. "Waitin' For The Bus" (Live)
16. "Jesus Just Left Chicago" (Live)


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