Check your change; you might have one of the new National Park quarters.

I found the 3D image of Mount Rushmore in my pocket, complete with workers dangling from ropes during its carving. The U.S. Mint National Park quarter series has been going on since 2010, the Wyoming quarter featured Yellowstone National Park.

This summer, two neighboring state quarters will be released. The Utah quarter, featuring the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, comes out June 9 and the Colorado quarter with the Great Sand Dunes National Park will be released August 25.

Earlier this year, the Shenandoah River quarter from Virginia came out on March 31, and on January 27 the Great Smokey Mountains National park quarter was made available.

Next time you're putting money in the machine for a soda or candy bar, look and see who's on your coins.