John Mellencamp kicks of Cheyenne Frontier Days July 18th - Here's a few fast facts on John Mellencamp from my radio and music career:

1.) I was at a party in Denver in 1981 at a record promotion rep's house and the party was for John. It was cool, we drank beer and talked. The party broke up and everyone was leaving and we wen't out to say goodbye to a few friends and we went back in and the rep's wife said, "The party's over go home". Wow spoiler.

2.) I interviewed him a year later in Kansas City before a large concert with REO Speedwagon and more at Arrowhead Stadium and he said he wanted to kick Rick Springfield's a**. Jessie's Girl was #1 and John has just released American Fool with Jack and Diane and Hurts So Good.

3.) I worked at a rock station in St. Louis and Johnny Cougar was frequently played and made visits to the station and loved to hang and talk music. John had more names than Prince. Johnny Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp and John Mellencamp. The song I Need A Lover was a big song in St. Louis.

John is a great performer and his last big song Our Country was a superb anthem for our times. Make sure you check him out at Cheyenne Frontier Days, July 18th.