These movies were meant to be seen on the big screen.

Has anyone noticed that we're running out of entertainment? Of course we'll never actually run out, but I'm noticing some of my favorite shows aren't currently filming a new season or even new episodes. I've also noticed that one of my favorite shows has been airing longer episodes with more content and I think it's because they are trying to fill time on the network. Then there are movies. Most release dates have been pushed back in theaters, but we have seen a few movies be released straight to streaming services.

We also have the option of drive-ins.

Yep, the classic date night of yesteryear has been experiencing a rebirth with the pandemic. Not only are there movies on the big screen but also live music is starting to utilize the stage and space. I love it. And since there are hardly any new releases to be seen, many venues are turning to classics.

So I came up with a wish list of classic movies I want to see at the drive-in. This is a combination of films that I love, but also some that I believe were meant to be seen on the big screen. Let me know if you agree on these and feel free to add your own picks to the list in the comments below or share this on social media with your favorites.

The Wizard of Oz

It's arguably the best film in the history of cinema. A classic and a true treasure. I've seen this movie at least 234 times, but never on the big screen. I can only imagine how Munchkinland or the Emerald City looks like on a larger-than-life scale. It was also one of the first films, if not the first, to use color.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

I was introduced to this movie as a kid and instantly fell in love. If you've ever seen the movie Rat Race, this is the movie that film was based on. There are some pretty grand scenes on wide open highways and in the sky with planes that would look fabulous on a big screen. Plus it's like four hours long so it's a great way to waste a little time these days.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This was Disney's first animated film back in 1937. To see one of the earliest, most brilliantly colored films on a theater screen has to be something to behold. Plus, it's Disney so...


I'll admit that I've never actually seen Jaws. I plan on remedying that this long holiday weekend. This film just screams, put me on the big screen. I can only imagine what audiences must have felt watching this.

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Although I love this film immensely, there is a cheesy reason why I chose this film for my list. The closing scene takes place at a drive-in. How funny to watch that scene while experiencing a drive-in. I know... cheesy. But also, seeing Large Marge's face bigger than your cars has got to be horrifying.

Singin' in the Rain

Another classic. This films is dazzling with color. I first watched this movie on a laptop and have since watched on a much larger screen, but it's nothing like the theater experience you're supposed to have. There is also a very large and very long dance sequence that is captivating.

Mary Poppins

Humans and cartoons together on one giant screen is definitely calling my name. I chose this movie, not just because I love it, but also because I think it's charm is what we all need right now. We all need a little Mary Poppins magic in our lives.

The Princess Bride

Oh to see the fire swamp as if we could all walk through it would be such a thrill. This is another movie I'm beyond obsessed with and to not see it in its true theatrical form is just wrong. Plus Cary Elwes is a gem. Put that sweet face on the big screen!

The Sandlot

Who wouldn't want to see the Beast on the big screen? As a kid I was afraid of that big dog, but as I've gotten older, I've realized he's just a dog. I think if Hercules was on the big screen I might feel like a kid again.


Again, this is a movie that I haven't seen before (because it's scary), but I think it belongs on this list. The famous shower scene is probably even more terrifying when it's blown up on the screen. Plus, everyone seems to be really into horror movies right now so there you go.

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