11 Restaurant Chains That Cheyenne Needs Right Now

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The Most Underrated Restaurants In Cheyenne



Cheyenne has its fair share of restaurants, fast food joints, and a growing selection of food trucks to choose from for a solid meal. However, we always use more, and by more, we mean spots that several other spots around the country have that we simply do not for whatever reason.

While we know there are several local restaurants to stop in at that are based here in the Cheyenne community, and we know how important it is to support them. But what if we had more options overall?

As a state, Wyoming has the 48th most restaurants per capita. That is a horrible ranking. In Cheyenne, we need more spots to go to whether we would like to dine-in, takeout, get delivery, or perhaps just to grab a quick bite when we're in a hurry. Maybe we even need food after a long night out on the town. We are right off of two major interstate highways, we might as well show off the greatest selection of restaurants we can to anyone passing through.

The more options we have, for any of these reasons, the better. So why not bring some of these restaurant chains to Cheyenne? Maybe you have some restaurants in mind that you would like to see here. Or perhaps you will see one or more of them on the following list.

In any event, here are some suggestions of restaurant chains and fast food joints to bring to Cheyenne...



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    Who doesn't love chicken? Popeyes chicken is some of the best there is. Their Louisiana-based Cajun style recipes give a unique flavor to their menu. There's a reason why people went crazy for their Chicken Sandwich when it debuted on their menu, and they still do.

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    Jack in the Box

    One of my favorite fast food menus ever is at Jack in the Box. Everything from the Ultimate Cheeseburger to the Jumbo Jack to the Sourdough Jack is excellent. Also, their two tacos for just 99 cents is one of the greatest deals ever! And be sure to get some buttermilk ranch for those tacos while you're at it because it's amazing!

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    When it comes to fast food joints with a great burger, it's tough to find a better one than what Whataburger has to offer. One of the things I miss about living in the south was having access to a Whataburger. The Patty Melt and A1 Thick & Hearty burgers are absolutely mouth watering.

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    White Castle

    White Castle sliders are something that everyone should be able to experience. They had a whole movie dedicated to them that showed an adventure that Harold and Kumar went on just so they could go to White Castle. That is how much their sliders are craved by just about anyone that has had them. They are also great late night food after you've had a night on the town.

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    Cracker Barrel

    Given Cheyenne's location next to two major interstates, you would think it would be a given that we would have a Cracker Barrel. Their country style menu is always filling and satisfying. Everything from their breakfast food to their Country Fried Steak to their Chicken 'N' Dumplings is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to dine-in.

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    Krispy Kreme

    I'll just say it, Krispy Kreme donuts can be addicting! Their Glazed and Chocolate Iced donuts are two favorites of mine off their ever expanding menu of donuts. Of course, the best time to go is when the donuts are fresh and warm. They even tell you on their sign when that is. And you can have donuts at any time of the day, not just the mornings.

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    Dunkin Donuts

    Sure, we already have one donut joint listed, but what if you need more on your menu? Dunkin' Donuts has beefed up their menu over the past several years. The breakfast sandwiches on their menu have always provided a good pick me up in case their grand selection of donuts isn't what you're craving, although most of the time it is. Another spot that has donuts all day long.

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    If you have ever needed a quick stop for giant burger and some amazing fries, Rally's or Checkers is where it's at! (They're the same thing but depending on the location, it's one or the other. Kind of like Hardee's/Carl's Jr.) Their seasoned fries make for some of the best fries anywhere! They are yet another great spot after a night of having some drinks.

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    Jersey Mike's

    It never hurts to have an extra sandwich shop and we could certainly use another one in Cheyenne. The selection of hot and cold subs at Jersey Mike's is massive. Their sub sandwich bread is so delicious and they make each sandwich right in front of you with the freshest meats.

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    Waffle House

    Any Waffle House has exactly what you might think it has. Delicious breakfast food at relatively inexpensive prices. And it's open 24/7. Their breakfast is fantastic and they have steak & eggs, chicken & eggs, ham & eggs, and pork chop & egg choices. Oh yeah, they also have some pretty good waffles!

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    Red Robin

    Before you need to know anything else about Red Robin, they have bottomless fries. Of course, you probably don't even need to worry about that since their burgers are so delicious and so filling, it'll be tough to eat anything else and it is so worth it! Their Royal Red Robin Burger may be the most filling burger you will ever have!