By now you may know about the mountain lion straying into East Cheyenne Thursday. Wyoming Game and Fish found it in a back yard off Plum street. We've heard of this kind of sighting before, right? If not, you haven’t lived in Wyoming very long.

Here are 4 other stories of Wyoming wildlife coming into town:

1. A moose wanted to visit the Capitol. Cheyenne Police called it “a low speed pursuit. When police contacted the moose, it was found that Rocky was not with her and the moose was released into the wild.”

2. A black bear was seen at McDonald’s near Flying J Truck Stop. When a tranquilizer gun missed, the bear took off west. Maybe the dart flying at the bear gave it the idea it was in the wrong place.

3. More than once, a moose was attracted to Little America golf course. Silly animals don’t know a golf course can be dangerous. Okay, when I’m teeing off, maybe the middle of the fairway is their safest spot. This moose was released in the snowy range.

4. A much different story was a pronghorn moving in at Holiday Park East Lincolnway, for a couple of days.

If a bear or mountain lion is found in town, it’s a good idea to report it. Wyoming Game and Fish, however, says trying to move an antelope, pronghorn or deer causes more problems than it solves, unless the animal is injured.