There are dangers afoot in the Cowboy State. Let's be real. Life can be dangerous and scary on its own. We risk getting into a car accident just going to work. Although Wyoming has its own set of characteristics that are monstrous.

Often myths and legends are created from real life events that can not be explained. The wind monster that hurls men into the sky to smash and devour them is a tornado. The water dragon is invented to explain why young children are swept away by swift river currents. On that note, we compiled a series of things that actually happened in Wyoming that could in the wrong circumstances be very horrific.

  • The Sirin Song of a Chemical Fire

    Visually it is mesmerizing luring you in closer, and without the proper equipment, the gasses alone would kill you. Listen to the video for a moment. Then notice the sound you hear is the firefighter's respirator. No joke, this fire would kill you fast.

  • The Long Road Between

    No, this is not a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. It is a bad wreck on I-80. The images are probably all too familiar to most Wyomingites. The winters are unforgiving. Once you get outside of town, there is a lot of road between destinations.

  • Stranded Alone in a Winter Storm

    I can only imagine the horror it would be to be crossing the Oregon Trail through a Wyoming winter storm. The blowing wind gashing at any area of exposed skin. The snow collapses with each new step making forward progress challenging.

    Just look at the names people gave landmarks in Wyoming: Devil's Tower, Hell's Half Acre, Devils Gate, the Rattlesnake Mountains.

  • The Spining Wind Wrath [NSFW]

    The Wyoming wind can be a formidable adversary on an average day. When the conditions are just "right," these massive storms can spring to life on the Great Prairie. Then sometimes they turn into tornadoes. The unmistakable shape of the funnel cloud is amazingly devastating. It can tear apart buildings and lives with ease.

  • Lady of the Falls

    When the water breached the dam at Pathfinder in the spring of 2016, Thousands of gallons of water are flowing through this waterfall. Two kids stand dangerously close. You can see the boy nudge the girl. This scary part comes knowing a misplaced foot, and this story could have had a horrific ending.

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