The upcoming total eclipse is like side mirrors on your car that say “Objects may be closer than they appear.”

August 21st is coming up fast and tens of thousands of people will be crowding into Wyoming parks, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and more. Be patient. Because Wyoming is one of the best places to watch the eclipse on August 21, 2017, travel will be slower and so will wait times at restaurants, gas stations and stores. Put Guns N’ Roses “Patience” one of your mix playlists.

Rare Partial Solar Eclipse Is Viewed Around The UK
Getty Images,Jeff J Mitchell


1 First of all, get the right glasses to view the eclipse. Sunglasses won’t work and you could go blind if you look with the naked eye. Travel Wyoming has more great tips to share that will keep the experience positive if we use common sense.

2 Plan ahead. Traffic will be heavier than usual, so allow more travel time than you think you may need. Don't depend solely on your cell phone. Cell service is not always dependable. Bring a Wyoming map or travel guide, available free at local visitor centers, chambers of commerce and Wyoming Welcome Centers.

3 Gas up.  Wyoming has long stretches of highways that are only home to stunning landscapes, wildlife and some of the greatest views you'll ever see, so fuel up whenever possible.

4 The total eclipse will only last 2 ½ minutes, so take some time to explore one of Mother Nature’s favorite creations. There are plenty of things to see and do in Wyoming. Here are some road trip routes  and undiscovered areas.

5 Pack right. There are plenty of places to eats and procure snackage, but pack and drink plenty of water, bring sunscreen and have a light fleece. Be ready for hot days and cool nights


Be patient, be prepared, be ready for an event that will leave a life long impression on you. Enjoy


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