Here's an amazing statistic, of the 99 Wyoming cities and towns represented in the latest census, 56 of them have a population under 1,000.

In the 2010 United States census, eight towns in the Cowboy State had a population under 100.  

Lost Springs as the smallest town in the state, with a population of 4.

Van Tassell, Wyoming, ranks second with a population of 15.

Riverside is Wyoming's third smallest town with 52 residents.

Wyoming's oldest town, Hartville, is now the fourth smallest in the state, with a population of 62.

Kirby, the home of the state's biggest whiskey distillery, has the fifth smallest population in Wyoming, with 92.

Manville, Opal and Dixon also have populations under 100.

Although it claims to be the "smallest town in America", with a population of 1, Buford isn't officially recognized by the state of Wyoming and wasn't listed in the latest census.


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