Cheers is one of the greatest sitcoms in television history. If you think about it, the zany characters on the show have a lot in common with kooky communities here in the Cowboy State.

Sam Malone is the boss of a small organization who still revels in his former Cheyenne

Carla Tortelli is a tough, no-nonsense, trash talker with eight Casper.

Frasier Crane is highly educated and loves to enlighten everyone with his Laramie.

Rebecca Howe is crazy and is only into rich Jackson.

Norm Peterson sits up in the corner drinking beer all Gillette.

Dianne Chambers is beautiful, smart and thinks she's Sheridan.

Woody Boyd is a dimwitted farmboy with a heart of Wheatland.

The only thing Cliff Clavin has in his life is the post Buford.





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