In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are the Wyoming towns with the highest, and lowest, percentage of Irish citizens.

Per capita, Wyoming ranks among the highest percentage of residents with Irish ancestry in America. With 13% of the population, the Irish are the second largest ethic group in the Cowboy State, behind Germans.

In the tiny town of Tie Siding, Wyoming, half of their 24 residents are Irish. Over 30% of the people in Edgerton, Jeffrey City, Dixon, Devil's Tower and Fairview are from Irish heritage.

All told, there are 22 towns in Wyoming with an Irish population over 20%.

There are also some places in the Cowboy State with no Irish residents. According to census figures, 11 small Wyoming towns don't have a single citizen of Irish ancestry, including Granite Canyon, Walcott, Freedom, Meriden, Hawk Springs, Wolf, Lonetree, Garrett, Frontier and Bosler.

Of Wyoming's three largest towns, Casper has the highest Irish population with 13.56%. In Cheyenne, 12.72% of residents are Irish. Excluding students at the University of Wyoming, who aren't counted in census surveys, Laramie's Irish population is 11.83%.

Of course, we're all Irish today. So, enjoy a green beer (or several) and have a shamrocking St. Patty's.

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