A proposed sixth-penny project to construct a roughly $9.9 million multipurpose facility at the Archer Complex could generate millions for Laramie County.

Commissioner Amber Ash says an economic impact study done by Johnson Consulting estimates the Laramie County Fair could turn a $300,000 profit in the first year.

"We anticipate that the project will pay for itself," said Ash. "That $300,000 is above and beyond both your operating expenses and then it includes in there an operation and maintenance line where they're putting money aside every year."

Ash says the proposed facility will not only host the fair, but a variety of events year-round.

"RV shows, gun shows, concerts, a whole variety of different events can be offered out there," said Ash.

Laramie County voters turned down a proposed $21.9 million fairgrounds expansion in 2012, but Ash is hopeful this proposal will be seen as a need, not a want, when voters cast their ballots on May 2.

"The project has a lot of promise in terms of being an economic development tool for Laramie County," said Ash.

"We anticipate 75,000 a year going out to the multi-event complex center," she added. "With that, we'll be better able to promote and sell the commercial development land."

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