It's time to "ham it up" and sign up for Pig Wrestling at the Laramie County Fair! They're accepting registrations for the event that fills up every year. When I moved here years ago, I never knew that this was so much of an event at the county fair, I mean, I get that we're in a more rural area, but I didn't think it was the spectacle that it can be.

I love that this is an all-ages event, too. I found a video on YouTube from 2018. It's incredible and if that video doesn't make you stop what you're doing and register for this event, I don't know what will. Here, check it out.

I laughed out loud when I watched the T-Rexes walk up to the pit. Also, I'm not totally sure if that's how you say the plural of a T-Rex, but I didn't get an error, so we have that going for us. But, anyway, this is really cool, they just circle around that poor pig, dressed like T-Rexes, and do their best to grab them. I mean, their arms are T-Rex awkward and the pig is, well, greased. Or, at least very muddy and wet. THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT!

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The Laramie County Fair is coming up August 3rd through the 13th, or, if you remember it like I do, right after CFD(no rest for the wicked). It's held at the Fairgrounds and the Archer Events Center.

Don't wait to register, this event was filled up really quickly last year, you don't want to miss out on the fun!

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