“Some of the cars were hauled in on trailers, others were towed behind trucks, a few were brought in on fancy haulers and a couple were driven to their destination in the dark of the night. These weren't fancy race cars that cost $20,000, but cars that had two wheels in their grave. These cars were called upon one final time, to destroy the other cars.” Well said in the Baltimore Sun.

Demolition derbies originated in the United States and quickly spread to other Western nations. In Europe, this type of event is called "banger racing. Demolition derbies can be dangerous, but serious injuries are rare.” Non-essential items are removed for safety. Headlights, taillights, gas tanks are replaced with plastic jugs and doors are chained shut. Ramming someone in the driver’s side door is forbidden. Rules vary, but safety is paramount.

These are Demolition Derby people. Taking jalopies and driving them into each other in a last driver standing kind of sport that started in the 1950s, though some say it dates back to the 30s with Model T’s being destroyed for fun and entertainment.

“While not an imminent threat to demolition derbies in this country, environmental laws have outlawed events in France, the Netherlands, and Germany. In the course of competition, gasoline, oil, transmission fluid and anti-freeze are routinely spilled onto the ground. Additionally, large clouds of unfiltered exhaust are released into the atmosphere, because catalytic converters and other pollution control devices are stripped off the cars prior to competition. In Europe, concerns over these pollutants have led to legislation preventing the growth of the sport.”

“This steel equivalent of blood sport draws a passionate following, and the drivers say it is deeply addicting.” Npr.org says the sport may be running out of gas.

“In Rock Springs, Wyo., George Pryich, had been running demolition derby for 36 years but in the summer of 2015, he had to call it quits.” “.

They're not making cars like they used to either. There's a lot of plastic on cars, aluminum on cars, and they'll just shrivel up like a pop can.”

I grew up with it and always had a great time cheering on the destruction in the dirt. Demolition Derby is an American sport that may have a limited lifespan, so see it, experience it while you can. There’s one on at the Laramie County Fair on Friday, August 12, 2016


August 12, 2016 Cheyenne Frontier Days Arena

Gates open 6:00 pm

Show starts 8:00 pm

Tickets can be purchased at the

Gate, Napa Store & Tom the Tire Man Store

$10 12 years to adult

$5 3 years to 12 years

Free under 3 years



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