Cheyenne, Wyoming provides a good view of Colorado where the economy is on fire, due in part to the now legal marijuana trade. The cost of living is higher, as evidenced by how much (or how little) room you get in Denver.

Maxim was curious about the difference and Property Shark looked at “how much space one could buy for the approximate U.S. national median home price of $200,000 in some of the largest cities in the country.” Zillow says the median home price is $201,900.

In Manhattan, $200 K will get you 126 square feet, while for the same money in Cleveland, Ohio you get an average of 3,769 square feet.

In Denver, $200,000 will get you an average of 661 square feet. Here in Cheyenne, my agent found a 5-bedroom home with a total of 2,516 square feet (including basement) for $201,000. That’s more than 3 times more room than what you would get in Denver. This, of course, is just one consideration of the differences. You also get to look at a sea of taillights in front of you on I-25 every day.

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